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    GUANGHZHOU GZMIZIHO CHEMICAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Located in Guangzhou Guangdong Province of China, is a new high-tech company with a combination of design, manufacture, consultation and sale. Taking advantage of the professional standards and mechanical Engineering mellow technology in the field of chemical machinery. Now, This company is making great progress.      Our main products are suitable in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and so on. The main production: vacuum emulsifier mixer series, liquid mixer series, RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, all kinds of paste filling, liquid filling and powder filling machine, labeling machine, perfume equipment and other related equipment. On the basis of introducting and absorbing  advanced technology from domestic and foreign cosmetics engineering machinery. our company is constantly pursuiting the innovation and development of products for providing satisfied chemical machinery and related products to customers. Thanks to the first-class product quality and skillful technical service, our Company has received consistent high reputation from customers.      Our company always adheres to the operating principles of "People-oriented, Integrity-based" as its foundation. By combining the advanced manufacturing technology and management experience domestic and abroad with the enterprise's specific conditions, the enterprise remains competitive in the fierce market competition and achieves rapid and steady development. The Three-Development-Goal of company: Satisfied production quality, Satisfied production technology and Satisfied after-sale service, We are continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of company. The company develop in competition, seek opportunities in challenge, Just trust us that we can offer best and advanced chemical machinery, advanced technology and best after-sale service for you. We are willing to cooperate with you, create brilliant!

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Keep up with the times, bring forth new ideas, have first-class technology, gzmiziho machinery help you to succeed.

  • Filling Machine
  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
  • Liquid homogenizing Mixer
  • Sachet packing machine
  • Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Labeling Machine
  • Capping machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Inkjet printer
  • Soap Packing Machine
    Semi automatic soft soap packing machine

    Soap Packing Machine is suitable for automatic packing of soap, transparent soap, paper towel and other daily chemical products, instant noodles, biscuits, moon cakes, bread, ice cream, medical bandages, bearings and other solid products.

  • 3 layer mask making machine price
    Disposable mask machine three layer masking machine

    This Mask Machine is a newly developed main model. The Disposable Mask Machine is mainly composed of feeding group, folding group, upper bridge group, welding drawing group and discharging group. From raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting are all automatic operations.

  • Mask Making Machine
    3 layer flat masking machine ultrasonic mask machine mask making machine

    The semi-automatic Mask Making Machine is mainly composed of the feeding group, the folding group, the upper nose bridge group, the welding pulling group and the discharging group. The whole machine is automatic from raw material to nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting.

  • mask machine
    Automatic mask machine mask film slicer disposable mask machine

    This Disposable mask making machine mainly produces plane mask, which consists of one mask forming unit and 2 earloop welding units. this Mask machine includes Feeding  of raw material roll, nose clip inserting and cutting, 2-4 layers masks (without edge sealing) can be customized and it features in stable performance, simple operation and high quality.

  • shrink wrapping machine
    Automatic Heat Pof Pe Pvc Shrink Film Wrapping Packaging Machine

    Fully Automatic Heat Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine are the optimal shrink film applicator for infinate length product .

  • Face mask packing machine
    Face mask packing machine Mask Raw Material mask making machine

    Face mask packing machine mask making machine, we offer Mask Raw Material,KN95 masks and Surgical Mask.

  • Surgical mark machine
    Pillow vacuum Packaging machine Surgical mark machine

    This Surgical mark packing machine have been widely used in several fields throughout the world, It can packaging such as food, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics, medical supplies, industrial foods, rubber goods, sundry goods, sporting goods, etc.

  • shrink packaging machine
    PE film shrink packaging machine with shrink tunnel

    PE film shrink packaging machine 's packing range or custom-made machine according to customer’s requirement.MZH-5038B semi-auto sleeve wrapper is suitable for wrapping pop-cans, bottles, etc, with bottom-tray or without bottom-tray.

  • Weighing scale packaging machine
    420S Automatic Packaging Machine with 4 heads linear Scale

    The Automatic Packaging Machine is Suitable for packaging many different kinds of products; such as puffy  food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, dried fruit, seed, small hardware,and the Automatic Weighing scale packaging machine can package dumplings, vegetable, fruits and sugar etc.which shape is roll, slice and granule.

  • shrink wrap tunnel temperature
    Standard constant heat temperature Shrink Tunnel

    Heat shrink tunnel temperature is adopting advanced international technology is an economic Shrink wrap machine with constant temperature, high efficiency, easy to operate, high-performance cost ratio. This Shrink wrapper machine is suitable for products grouped and packed together as well as the pallet products. It‘s wildly used in toys, bottles, boxs,foods, towels, electric wire,tissue processing ect.

  • Shrink wrap packaging machine
    L Type Automatic Film shrink wrap packaging machine

    Shrink packaging Machine is widely used in packaging requirement Ce Approved HAutomatic Shrink Wrap Machine for batch production, high efficiency ,auto film feeding and punching ,auto film wrapping, sealing and cutting , manual adjust film guiding system and in-feeding conveyor for different width and height products.

  • Shrink Tunnel
    Constant temperature Shrink Tunnel wrapping machine

    This Shrink Tunnel wrapping machine adopting advanced international technology is an economic shrink wrap machine with constant temperature, high efficiency, easy to operate, high-performance cost ratio. This Shrink Wrapper is suitable for products grouped and packed together as well as the pallet products. It‘s wildly used in toys, foods, towels, electric wire,tissue processing ect.

Cooperative partner
  • Extraction Cooking herbs System Extraction Cooking herbs System
    Extraction Cooking herbs System

    We customized Extraction cooking herbs for Italy customer, they are produce Ointment raw materials and medicines.

  • 1000L vacuum emulsifying mixer 1000L vacuum emulsifying mixer
    1000L vacuum emulsifying mixer

    This is our regular customer more than 10years, during this 10year they bought 1000L vacuum emulsifying mixer, tube filling and sealing machine, automatic filling machine, labeling machines from us and working very stable. Said he want the same machines as they bought many years ago, so we customized this 1000L vacuum emulsifying mixer with 100L vacuum emulsifying mixer and 500L water tank to be a completed unit, Please check detail drawing and finished machine picture under.

  • Automatic Heating Filling  Production Line Automatic Heating Filling  Production Line
    Automatic Heating Filling Production Line

    This production line is customized for our USA customer at 2015. Automatic heating mixing filling machine for Hair Wax and Vaseline type of products which need hot filling. it can be Automatic bottle loading machine- Automatic filling machine-Automatic capping machine and Automatic Crimping machine and Automatic labeling machine to be a full production line. We could customized machine depend on your bottle volume,bottle style,cap sizes and it could adopt 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18nozzles depend on customer production quantity.

Latest news

gzmiziho loading container to sydney at 29th October 2019 and the goods will arrived Sydney port at 18th November 2019, We will have engineer visit Australia for installtion after machines arrived, if you are interested in our machine, we will arrange engineer to visit your factory discuss face to face.

2021-02-22 Rotary Automatic Can Filling Sealing Machine shipping to America
Rotary Automatic Can Filling Sealing Machine shipping to America

In October 2020, The American customer Mr.Alex inquired from us two sets of filling and sealing machines, plus two sets of extra molds. What he produced was car cleaning wipes. After several days of communication.   We received plastic barrel bottle samples to tested on filling machine in two weeks from united State.   After receiving the samples for automatic filling sealing machine, we immediately arranged design drawing details,our engineers updated designed drawings According to the customer's requirements.The customer was very satisfied after receiving them, and immediately paid the deposit of the machine to start production filling and sealing machine. Because of COVID-19 the buyer can’t visit us to tested machine so we take filling and sealing machines detail picture s and bottle working on filling sealing machine videos to the customer. And we make sure it working very stable after testing three days, we have very strong professional group on making this machine in busy such short time at end of Chinese near year, only one month to finished special customized machine. The filling and sealing machine can meet his production requirements, and customer said will have more chance to cooperate and introduce other customers to us, this is our target when customer happy working with our cosmetic food chemical machines, Miziho machinery quality is the best salesman and customer comeback automatic because of our quality, we always focus on it and keep going.  

  • Satisfied After-Sale Service Help Us To Win New Orders
    July 14,2020.< Satisfied After-Sale Service Help Us To Win New Orders

    Satisfactory after-sales service has helped us gain the trust of our customers. Satisfactory after-sales service gives us an edge in the competition and the final victory over our competitors to win new orders. In 2018, the customer from the United Kingdom bought a Vertical Filling Machine from our company, customers encountered in the use of after-sales service problems we are timely help customers solve. Last year, a customer in another company bought a Tube Filling And Sealing Machine, customers in the commissioning process also encountered some after-sales problems, but which company not only timely help customers solve after-sales problems, but also seems to have disappeared. So the customer contact our company, hope to buy a new Filling And Sealing Machine from our company. After receiving the customer's order, we arranged the factory to produce the machine in time, and delivered the goods to the customer on time. SATISFIED AFTER-SALE SERVICE will always be one of Three-Development-Goal of company,SATISFIED AFTER-SALE SERVICE help us to gain the trust of our customers. SATISFIED AFTER-SALE SERVICE enable us to gain an advantage over our competitors and win new orders.

  • China speed, GZMIZIHO speed
    June 19,2020.< China speed, GZMIZIHO speed

    With the global spread of COVID-19, there is an increasing demand for masks in countries around the world. On June 13, 2020, our company received a purchase order from a customer in the Middle East for a disposable disposable mask making machine. The customer required us to deliver the product within the shortest time. After receiving the order, our company immediately helped the customer to purchase the machine, and finally found a cost-effective manufacturer under the introduction of peers. Demand for face mask machine around the world has seen the machines snapped up at manufacturers' factories. After learning about the situation, our company will decide on 15:30 June 16th,  2020 came to the manufacturer's factory and asked the manufacturer to sell this machine to our company. But the existing machine in the factory has been bought by another Korean customer, who is also in the factory to pick up the goods. The engineer is adjusting his machine. Our company immediately contacted the boss of the manufacturer, hoping that he could help us to produce the machine immediately. Finally, with the help of friends in the same trade, the manufacturer promised to rush out the machine overnight. The production engineer started to assemble our machine at 21:00 PM on June 16, 2020. During the production of the machine, due to visiting the commissioning of the Korean customer, our company adopted a silent ultrasonic system for the ultrasonic system of the machine, which made the machine more silent and achieved the best production effect. Finally, the production of the machine was completed at 2:30 am on June 17, 2020, and the machine was sent to our company after the test was completed after the normal operation of the machine. On June 17, 2020, our company arranged the freight company to deliver the machine to the customer by air.

  • News about help customers to repair 2000L mixer
    June 8,2020.< News about help customers to repair 2000L mixer

    In 2018,Our customer purchased a set of 2000L mixer in our company. Due to the operation error of the customer company's employees, the machine has been damaged  in this year. After knowing the relevant situation,Our company immediately finds out the design drawing of this set of equipment, measures and verifies the size of the damaged part with customer, and arranges to produce the corresponding equipment parts within one week. At the same time, we actively contact the freight company to send the parts to the customer's factory quickly, so as to help the customer's factory quickly resume production and reduce the customer's loss.

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