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  • Box Feeding Machine

    Automatic intelligent box feeding machine Using human-machine interface, multi touch screen control, computer order management, easy to operate, change order faster. more

  • Package Machine

    PVC and Bopp Translucent Film Package Machine It is widely used in batch production and packaging with high efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching device, manually adjusted film guiding system and manually adjusted feeding and conveying platform. It is suitable for products of different widths and heights, and also has tight connection function. more

  • Filling and Sealing Machine

    Full automatic high speed tube filling and sealing machine The tube filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject all kinds of paste, paste, viscosity fluid and other materials into the aluminum tube, and complete folding and sealing, batch number, production date, etc. more

  • Carton Machine

    MZH-400 high speed carton machine The electrical appliances and computer software of the whole machine are of international famous brands, with stable and reliable quality. Using human-machine interface, multi touch screen control, computer order management, easy to operate, change order faster. more

  • Metal Pump

    Threaded metal pump Excellent overall sealing, Sandpiper pneumatic diaphragm pump all models of pneumatic diaphragm pump liquid parts of the fastening design, using bolt and nut connection, to ensure long-term operation without leakage. more

  • Plastic Pump

    Multifunctional plastic pump The unique patented design of the air valve of the plastic pump (external maintenance type air valve system) can be maintained from the outside of the pump body to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. more

  • Sealing machine

    Linear barrel and bottle sealing machine The linear sealing machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of plastic bottle film and aluminum foil in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, especially for sealing large-diameter polyester bottle. It has the functions of moisture-proof, leak proof, extending product shelf life and anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting. more

  • Capping machine

    Semi automatic vacuum glass bottle capping machine The capping machineis suitable for Cilin bottle aluminum plastic cover, two ml to five hundred ml large infusion bottle aluminum plastic cover, salt water bottle aluminum cover, penicillin bottle plastic cover, spray tube aluminum cover, spray tube aluminum cover and other gland. more

  • Filling and sealing machine

    Continuous powder kueh granule filling and sealing machine Filling and sealing machine can also be widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries. more

  • Sealing machine

    Totary drum automatic bottle sealing machine The sealing machine is easy to operate, stable in performance and easy to maintain. It can be used on a single machine or connected to the production line. more

  • Filling and sealing machine

    New automatic rotary filling and sealing machine The sealing and filling combination machine adopts pneumatic control without can body contact to automatically lower the can. The production capacity is controlled by touch screen. It is an ideal equipment for cannery of tomato sauce, honey or beverage products. more

  • Filling and sealing machine

    Automatic continuous pneumatic filling and sealing machine Automatic filling and sealing machine, all automatic high-speed sealing machine, from the cup, filling, film, coding, twice sealing, out of the cup are all automatic operation. The utility model is suitable for filling and sealing liquid, paste and powder of plastic cup boxes of various shapes. more

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