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  • Extraction equipment

    Hot selling automatic plant essential oil extraction equipment The process of extracting essential oil by the equipment is by steam distillation. Steam and oil gas enter the condenser through the outlet at the top to condense. Because the relative density of essential oil is lighter than water, it will float on the water surface and be separated by this method. more

  • Extraction Equipment

    New automatic 500 liter essential oil extraction equipment This equipment is suitable for the extraction of common oil and aromatic oil from plant branches, leaves, flowers, grass and animal materials. more

  •  Oil extraction equipment

    Automatic high quality essential oil extraction equipment The essential oil extraction equipment uses steam distillation to extract the material by water separation or co water distillation. more

  • Essential oil extraction machine

    Automatic small essential oil extraction equipment The essential oil extraction equipment is suitable for the extraction of common oil and aromatic oil from plant branches, leaves, flowers, grass and animal materials. The structure of the equipment is exquisite and the operation is very simple. more

  • Perfume Filter Equipment

    Automatic perfume circulation filter equipment Perfume filtration equipment has the advantages of convenient operation, stable performance, compact structure and small footprint. more

  • Labeling Machine

    Lubricating oil double side labeling machine The side labeling machine is suitable for flat bottle, round bottle and square bottle, such as shampoo flat bottle, lubricating oil flat bottle, hand sanitizer round bottle and so on more

  •  Labeling Machine

    Automatic double side shampoo flat bottle labeling machine The automatic double side labeling machine adopts double side rigid plastic synchronous guide chain, which can automatically ensure that the bottle is neutral. It has low requirements for workers to put the bottle and connect the bottle into the assembly line, which greatly reduces the difficulty of workers' operation or assembly line connection. It can be produced by single machine or connected to the assembly line. more

  • Labeling Machine

    Semi automatic plastic bottle linear labeling machine Labeling machine products are divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine more

  • Emulsifying Machine

    Automatic vacuum homogenizing and emulsifying machine for cosmetic paste liquid Homogenizer emulsifier homogenizer has a wide range of applications and strong process controllability. It can be customized to health grade, suitable for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries. more

  • Water Treatment Equipment

    Automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment Automatic reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is usually composed of raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis purification system and ultra purification post-treatment system. The main purpose of pretreatment is to make the raw water meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane separation module and ensure the stable operation of reverse osmosis purification system. more

  • Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

    Automatic Cosmetic Beauty Cream Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer The Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifying machine is a complete set of system with multi-function of mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and powder absorbing. It is equipped with electric control system and can also be used with peripheral oil and water tanks, vacuum, heating / cooling system, etc. more

  • Rotor Pump

    Widely used stainless steel high speed rotor pump Rotor Pump is a positive displacement pump, its power source is to rely on its own two synchronous reverse rotation of the two fan blades, in the process of rotation in the import place to produce a strong suction, so it can inhale the media needed by customers and transport, rotor pump constantly running, the media will be continuously transported to the place of need. more

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