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Three sets of machines shipping to Pakistan

Three sets of machines shipping to Pakistan

  • Jun 02, 2020

Three sets of machines shipping to Pakistan

Vacuum Mixer Machine

After more than a month of hard work, our company has completed the Pakistan customer order

MZH - M400L 7.5 KW Vacuum Mixer Machine,

MZH -s 600 l Pneumatic motor Mixing Storage Tank,

MZH - 15 l Color past ink and pigment sanding Machine.

Penumatic mixing tank

When novel coronavirus was spreading around the world, our company received a purchase

order from a customer in Pakistan. After receiving the order, our company immediately organized

relevant production personnel to put into production. During the production period,

many suppliers could not start work normally.

Many machine parts could not be purchased immediately. After the efforts of leaders of the company,

all machine parts were urgently adjusted from other counterparts.

Finally, the production of the machine was successfully completed, and the goods were loaded

into the container on June 02, 2020, and delivered to the company successfully Pakistan.

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