Will Cosmetic machinery be affected by COVID-19

  • 2020-03-21 15:13:05

The epidemic affects the machinery industry, showing a downward trend,and good news in April!

Cosmetic machinery

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus-19, the resumption of work and orders by manufacturing companies will be delayed, and the peak season of the machinery industry will be delayed.

As a second-order guide to the economy, it is currently difficult to quantify the impact of the epidemic situation. There is a large difference in the impact of different sub-sectors: downstream engineering projects are delayed and resumed (restrictions on personnel flow, project delays, etc.).

The number of new coronavirus infections is currently declining and the epidemic is under control in China. The domestic epidemic situation in China has reached an inflection point. At the same time, the central government has set the direction of the policy of stable economic growth. Monetary and fiscal policies have helped counter-cyclical adjustments, which is good for machinery demand.

In 2020, the peak season of cosmetics machinery and equipment sales will be delayed by about 1 to 2 months. The epidemic will have limited impact on the sales of chemical machinery throughout the year. Full year sales are expected to remain optimistic, and exports and logistics have returned to normal. Therefore, we suggest that you can give priority to the popular categories during the time of epidemic recovery, and make production and transportation plans in advance.

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Our Company skills are in below:

1.MZH-V Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

2.MZH-M Homogenizing Mixer Powder Mixer

3.MZH-RO Water treatment

4.MZH-P   Perfume Equipment

5.MZH-F Filling Machine MZH-FV,MZH-FH, MZH-FA

6.MZH-SP Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

7.MZH-B   Sachet packing machine

8.MZH-L Labeling Machine

9.MZH-O   Conveyor belt

10.MZH-H pneumatic lifting dispenser

11.MZH-S  Storage Tank

12.MZH-K  Packaging machine Wrapping machine

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