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Why is Full automatic filling machinery safety important

  • 2019-12-31 15:58:27

Why is Full automatic filling machinery safety important?

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In recent years, we often hear the news of "contaminated food", the food safety crisis is increasingly serious,Many food manufacturers have introduced filling machines to reduce direct human contact with food ingredients.Although the use of food filling machine production can reduce the contamination of food, but if we ignore the maintenance of the filling machine, if the continued use of the filling machine contamination risk still exists, how should we prevent the filling machine contamination?

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Below let’s GZMIZIHO machinery for you to explain

Use automatic filling machine to complete the production process as much as possible

The use of Fully automatic filling machines line can reduce manual contact with food and reduce the risk of hair, dandruff, insects and other contaminants contaminating raw materials.

●Prevent metal detector before operation of filling machine

During the production process of the filling machine, metal parts of the machine may be missed and entered into the product, so we can reduce the risk of contamination of food raw materials through metal detector detection

●Let's maintain the filling machine regularly

If the Bottle filling machine is not thoroughly cleaned, the remaining debris or bacteria in the material container of the filling machine can breed more bacteria.

●Replace the consumed parts regularly

Because the bearing and piston ring of the filling machine belong to consumables have been damaged, there is also a great risk of contamination.

●Set up clean booths and check workers' clothes, reducing the risk of pollution

The production workshop of the filling machine shall be regularly disinfected, and the workers shall wear dust-proof electrostatic clothing and hats.Compared with traditional manual filling machine, automatic filling machine filling quality and safety is very guaranteed, but not you have a filling machine on behalf of food hygiene and safety.Filling machine is like a double-edged sword, with the good can bring you a lot of benefits, with the bad is also a lot of disadvantages. So the maintenance of the filling machine is an essential thing.

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