How's the import and export of cosmetics machines in 2020

  • 2020-05-06 17:48:27

How's the import and export of cosmetics machines in 2020?

When entering 2020, the world encountered an unprecedented epidemic impact. With the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the economic decline in the first quarter was severe, which caused a greater impact on the construction machinery industry. At present, it is basically coming to an end in China, but Europe and the United States continue to spread. In the short term, it can be expected that domestic demand for construction machinery will rebound rapidly, while overseas demand will be suppressed.

Because our company mainly produce homogenizer mixer, vacuum emulsifying mixing machine and filling machines, automatic labeling machines and shrink packaging machines. Our company can provide a complete production line for the hand sanitizer used in the epidemic prevention.

filling and capping labeling machine

Orders do not decrease but increase, many old customers are ordering many machines at once, and the inventory is urgent. Not many stocks.

The cost of raw materials for the next batch of machines will increase, and the quotation will be 5% -12% higher. Now it is the cheapest time to purchase machine!!

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