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GZMIZIHO staffs on happy holidays three-day trip

GZMIZIHO staffs on happy holidays three-day trip

  • Aug 26, 2019

August 23rd, to August 25th     Sunny

In the autumn before the birds begin to sing, in the little tail end of summer, on a bright morning,

All the members of our company are very excited. Today, we will drive to Xia chuan Dao (a small island) for a three-day and two-night beach trip.

This trip let us forget the pressure of work, make colleagues be closer, and let us feel the warmth of the company.

Our colleague silvia said, thanks GZmiziho gave me a wonderful trip, I took many beautiful photos!

Our leader serena said that we are not only professional for Cosmetic machine, Food machinery and Pharmacy machinery more than 15years, but we are a professional and cheerful team for many years!

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